Avraham Ohavi Organization is an organization that helps Israeli soldiers, who have already finished serving the army in Israel, 
learn about Judaism, Jewish practices, holidays, people, places and beliefs. Our organization helps the soldiers understand their backgrounds and religion.
We established our organization in 2006, and this is our fourth year. We love helping soldiers from our country and making them feel at home. 
We make Friday night dinners for 150 people for men and women under the age of 35. 
Our organization helps the soldiers learn and understand Shabbat, learn the Jewish Torah, how to build a Jewish home and how to 
  keep kosher food. In three years we served an estimated amount of 30,000 soldiers. Out of the 30,000 soldiers, thousands became a part of the religious 
part of the Jewish population in the country. They learned about the Jewish culture and decided they wanted to be a part of it. 
  We had spent a lot of time, energy, and love to help the young soldiers so they could have a good time. They come on Shabbat
  and on Jewish holidays to have dinners and socialize with hundreds of soldiers.  We offer night classes every Sunday through Thursday. In addition 
we help them find amazing Jewish men and women, and help them get married, and keep our generation for many more years. 

In our organization:
1.       We have Friday night dinners every week for 150 soldiers. 
2.       We have a Shabbat lunch every week for 100 soldiers .
3.       We have Seuda Shlishit every week for 50 soldiers.
4.       We offer night classes to learn about the Torah every Sunday through Thursday from 8:30 pm to 10pm, and from 10 pm to 10:15 pm we pray Arvit
, 10 :15 pm dinner (35-40 soldiers)
5.       We have 6 teachers in our night classes.
6.       we offer engagement parties to help the young soldiers make a nice loving Jewish family , pedyon haben, 
7.       we also helped 14 couples so far, to get married and build a kosher Jewish home.
8.       Over the years we had about 30,000 Israeli soldiers in our Friday/ Saturday meals.
10.      We offer seminars that help the soldiers get closer to Judaism.
Please help us financially to keep those doors open for our soldiers that served in the Israeli army. These soldiers help making our country
stronger, better, and ready for anything. Our soldiers are Israeli, and protect our citizens in Israel. this is our blood.

Our expenses are:
Friday night dinner: 2,500
Saturday lunch: 1,000
Seuda shlishit: 500
Total shabat: 4,000 a week, 16,000 a month
Every day dinners (night classes) : 170 a day , 800 a week, 3,000 a month
Teachers: 4,000 a month
Synagogue rabbi: 3,500 a month
Electricity: 1,000 a month
Gas: 250 a month
Phone: 150 a month
Heat ( winter time) : 600 a month
Total expenses a month: 28,500 a month
In addition:
Rosh Hashana + Sukkot : 20,000
Pesah: 20,000

Thanks for your time! Come to visit us!